Alltec Information Technology Remote Control

NTR support puts worldwide standards in place for remote-control solutions which are affordable, safe and simple to use. Right now thousands of companies around the world use this service to support their employees and customers as much as they can.

This leads to reduced costs and to increase the satisfaction of both; employees and customers.
In combination with our Partner NTRsupport we can offer you exactly this service to solve simply and efficient your problem.

And that’s how it works: On-Demand-remote-control
Our Support-employee can see the display of your computer via Internet and gets the chance within seconds to control it by remote by means of remote-control function. Therefore we can remote control every PC or Mac as well as Linux-platforms.

Security: 256-Bit-AES-Coding
Security is very important for the remote-control user. All Remote-Control-Sessions are encoded by 256-Bit AES end-to-end. The strict security dispositions make it impossible for unauthorized personnel to get aware of data, programs and systems.

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